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How are the shares of NASDAQ clov distributed?

Nasdaq Company is a big company with a market capitalization of US 3 dollars. If we view the structure institutions would own a significant portion of this company. If we view the data and statistics of this company that who owns a higher amount of shares into is who holds a lower amount. We can see that, institutions don’t hold a major amount of shares in this company. There must be many favorable reasons into this, however let’s see what contributes to this.

We tend to see that NASDAQ clov at holds very low amount of Institutional investors, investing into the company with the share of only 0.09 percent. We don’t see institutional investors to invest into the companies which are at a risk. There must be some valid reasons due to which they are away from this.

The following could be the reason why institutional investors don’t invest into this.

  1. General public investors.

General public ownership holds a stake of about 42 % however being more than institutional investors it is the highest ranking before personal shareholders.

  1. Private equity ownership.

Private equity ownership holds a stake of about 24% .It holds less ownership than general public investors however; it has more hold than institutional investors.

  1. Private company ownership.

Private company holds a stake of about 5.1% into this. However it can’t be clarified because other companies must have more interest into public company ownership rather than private company ownership.

In 2020 it was predicted by the company that the sales will hit a great record.Green oaks partner LLC holds the largest stock in the company Nasdaq clov. Vivek garipalli holds second largest share with a stock of about 21%.  53 percent of shareholders hold the biggest share in this company and they are the top 4 shareholders into the company.

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