ReadersMagnet – Igniting the Passion For Books During The Pandemic

Some people reading might seem to be a boring and solitary activity; however, when you connect with other like-minded readers, you can always remind yourself and them that you are not alone. This is the prime reason why several companies dealing with books are launching book festivals to bring authors, readers, and many popular figures in the world of literature together.

ReadersMagnet is an eminent name in the field of self-publishing today. It has a team of talented and friendly experts to help new and experienced authors with the self-publishing process. The expert team here offers them invaluable knowledge about the book writing and marketing process. This year they are hosting a book festival called The Festival of Storytellers 2021 to celebrate the world of literature bring joy to millions of readers and authors across the globe.

Book festivals during the COVID-19 Pandemic

You will find that not even one book festival fails to bring joy to readers and authors every year. This year, even though the Pandemic still holds sway, book festivals will not stop. They will go on and proceed to bring immense joy to readers and new and experienced authors.

Now, when people hear about book festivals, they associate them with physical grounds and large crowds. Of course, they ask themselves why book festivals are being held when the Pandemic calls for social distancing and home quarantine to break the chain?

ReadersMagnet has successfully embraced digital technology to create an online book festival this year that is 100 percent safe and convenient for every book lover and author.

Connect from the comforts of home

There are still many people who are struggling to adjust to the new reality today. You need to embrace social isolation and self-quarantine to save yourself from the risks of the Pandemic. The Festival of Story Tellers 2021 has placed some exciting and fun activities on hold due to the Pandemic, and this is really sad news for some. However, there are other activities that you can attend from the comforts and the protection of your home.

You need to register and join the celebration of appreciating books. There are many questions in your mind, and one of them is sure how can ReadersMagnet offer that silver lining to authors and book lovers in the age of the dark COVID-19 Pandemic?

Experts state that the Festival will distract readers and authors from reality. They can discover the joys of book festivals safely from the comforts of their own homes. It will bring everyone on the same platform with a host of literary talks, events, and workshops where you can connect with your favorite writers. If you are an aspiring author, you can gain a large volume of inspirational knowledge when writing skills and marketing your books. In this way, the Festival will add value to your experience and, most importantly, bring immense joy to you in the post-pandemic era!