Reddy Kancharla Talks About Few Competent Construction Project Management Strategies

Construction projects are typically massive in scale, especially when they are related to bridges, large commercial complexes, roadways and so on. The expertise and skills of various types of professionals are needed to make a construction project successful. According to Reddy Kancharla, systematic construction management techniques and strategies are needed to ensure these projects are completed within the required timeframe, while also meeting the desired standards.  Project management comprises of various techniques that are used to oversee the planning, designing and ultimate construction of a project, regardless of its size and scale.

Each and every construction project needs to follow a systematic flow of operations that ensures its effective execution. There are a specific set of objectives constraints involved in all types of constructions. Firstly, they have to meet with the needed quality standards, secondly they have to be completed while being under the set budget and thirdly they should be completed by the expected timeframe.

Reddy Kancharla points out that to meet all of the three objectives; a comprehensive construction project management strategy needs to be followed. These strategies are focused on making sure that all the parties involved in the project, including the architects, contractors, and suppliers remain on budget and schedule, and deliver superior quality of work. Mr. Kancharla has worked in the construction industry for quite some time. He is a qualified civil engineer, and hence has a good knowledge of engineering theories, principles, and practical solutions that are important to construction work.

Here are a few important construction project management strategies underlined by Reddy Kancharla:

  • Creating a flow of communication: Transparent communication is crucial in almost all industries. Maintaining a proper follow of communication is especially important in construction as there are several parties involved in their projects and without adequate communication the chances of discrepancies and errors in its execution shall increase considerably. Modern construction companies can leverage applications that allow them to have a work execution platform online to reduce instances of miscommunications. Vital project details, photos, documents, and timelines can easily be synced on such platforms to maintain a proper flow of communication.
  • Ensure continuous planning:  Planning for a construction project must begin way before the actual construction starts off. Such plans must be revised as the construction project keeps progressing, till its ultimate completion. Even the design and pre-construction stages of a project need proper planning.
  • Stay updated:  The overall workflow of any construction project is dramatically impacted by its discerning on-site elements. As a result, it is vital that professionals get properly familiarized with the construction site before the actual building process takes off. This will help them to identify the perfect system to maintain in regards to construction workflow, and ensure utmost competency in its execution.

The simple strategies underlined above can significantly help in keeping a construction project on track and ensure its effective execution. Detailed insights on these strategies can be found online.