The Reason behind SMSF Investments on Argyle’s Pink Diamonds

The investment avenues are being shifted from the traditions to the next-gen investments. The base of each investment points to a 2-point scale. One is the return should always higher than any other sector, and money must be safe always. There are lots of traditional sectors of investments, those are giving security of your investment, but the return is not on a higher scale. In some cases, the returns are higher than normal, but your funds will be under volatility. If the market crashes, your money can be decreased dramatically. Here we will discuss some facts about Argyle’s pink diamond market and telling you why you should be investing in argyle pink diamonds.

Supply and Demand:

According to the market research analysts, the demand for Argyle’s pink diamond will surpass the supply in a few days. Due to its rarest availability, elegant looks, and intense color these are coveted by the SMSF (Self-managed super fund) investors, globally.

Solid Performance 

In the last 11 years, statistical data demonstrates that pink diamonds have outflanked most other investment resources. Truth be told, pink diamonds have increased in value by a normal average of 30.6% every year with a total average development of 367%! It is better to invest in the Argyle’s pink diamonds as it never put your investment down like other risky investment avenues.

Easy mode of transfer:

Diamonds are so handy and hard substance that you can preserve as your fixed assets for a long time. You can carry it anywhere due to its size and you can carry it anywhere safely. Pink diamonds can be transported anywhere and you can hand it over to your next generation as a fixed asset.


A well-broadened venture portfolio diminishes the dangers related to market unpredictability. A cross-assets relationship has nearly multiplied in the previous 10 years while pink diamonds have encountered none of this.

Currency Barrier:

Pink diamonds are valuating with US dollars. Though it is found in Australia, still the price is tagged with US dollars. It means while the markets of Australian dollars are coming down, you need not worry about it. Even the demands of the pink diamonds are so precious and availability is so scanty handful, which is why the price will never go down. Your investment will never be unsafe.

Investor’s choice:

Due to the rising demands of pink diamonds globally, it is the SMSF investor’s choice of investment. More people have become interested to invest in pink diamonds nowadays due to its elegance and consistent increasing price. Investors are feeling more secure after investing in Argyle’s pink diamonds based on the previous statistical data. The previous returns graph shows investors have got almost 45%-50% return on investment.

Market volatility is the major reason for investors who disappoint from investing in new avenues. Volatility in the market can be caused anytime in any country, due to the political insurgencies or due to fiscal deficiencies. Investors are searching the investment avenues, which are secured and can have a physical existence. Argyle’s pink diamonds are the most preferred sector to invest that is always giving a good return, never got depreciated.